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“Sinus” Posts

One of the prime areas of focus for BreatheAmerica and our team of specialists are sinus problems and concerns with sinusitis. As part of our core mission, rhinology focuses on the nose, which includes the sinuses and nasal passages. A rhinologist has the skill and training to address sinus problems. These articles are related to treatment of the sinuses and airway problems.

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Sinus Relief: Foods That Actually Help

When you’re desperately experiencing sinus pressure, you wish that you could just reach into your head and release the blockage that’s causing that intense pain. While only an effective treatment plan can work to get you long-lasting, permanent relief, there are a few tricks that can help to find some temporary relief. When incorporated into your […]

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Are Allergies Impacting Your Sleep?

It’s hard enough to carry through each day with allergies, sinus problems, asthma, or COPD. And when you’re constantly being woken up by symptoms throughout the night, the following day can be even harder! Here are a few common reasons why our patients are having trouble sleeping through the night: Allergies and Sinus Problems We […]

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When are Frequent Sinus Headaches Serious?

Our simple answer? Always. Patients are often surprised to learn that their sinus headaches—as regular and predictable as they are—are actually NOT a fact of life. Here at BreatheAmerica, we know that frequent sinus headaches are really an indication that you’ve got a bigger airway problem at play. Chronic Sinusitis Constant congestion and frequent sinus […]

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When Your Sinuses Need Urgent Care

One of the biggest lies that we combat every single day is that people with severe sinuses have to live with their symptoms. Of course, when they come to us, these patients have been experiencing sinus infections, headaches, and miserable congestion on a regular basis for most of their lives. They simply can’t believe that […]

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Living With a Cat AND Cat Allergies

In our clinics, we see patients every day that are debilitated by their severe animal allergies. These allergies are no joke! That’s why people are amazed to hear that there actually are solutions for living with cats despite having serious allergic reactions to them in the past. Hypoallergenic Cats This is the obvious solution, but […]

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The Surprising Sinus Solution That Will Change Your Life

Our surprise solution? Your shower! You’re (hopefully) already using it every day. And you probably also know to use your shower’s steam to your advantage when you’re suffering from a sinus headache or stuffy head, but did you know that there are some creative liberties you can take with your shower time to REALLY maximize […]

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Are allergies changing your sense of taste?

Some of our patients have asked if their chronic sinusitis and allergy sniffles are to blame for their changing sense of taste. They’re onto something! Today, we’re explaining exactly how your taste buds are dulled by your constant stuffy nose. Taste is connected to smell. Sure, the taste buds are the captains of perceiving the […]

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Summer: With and Without Allergies

Many of us at BreatheAmerica experienced summers as allergy and asthma-sufferers, and since seeking treatment at our amazing clinics, we’re now able to enjoy summer with uninhibited freedom to experience the great outdoors! Here’s what we’ve learned: Summer Camp: With Allergies Summer camps, with their beautiful trees and green, gooey lakes, are a breeding ground for itchy […]

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Dr. Roland Z. Gerencer on KRQE News 13 Albuquerque

A cure for snoring?! Balloon Sinuplasty

Have we found the cure to snoring? For some, Balloon Sinuplasty offers relief but can it cure snoring? It doesn’t. It’s a common misconception. BreatheAmerica’s own Dr. Ronald Gerencer was invited to the KRQE News 13 Albuquerque studio to present a revolutionary procedure that may offer relief in addressing a number of sinus and airway […]

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Ill woman with the flu blowing her nose

Winter Worries: Allergies or Cold?

Want to take a quick quiz? You are a doctor seeing a patient who complains of coughing, runny nose, sneezing, and itchy or watery eyes. Do you diagnose cold, flu, or allergies? One billion people suffer from colds each year, and more than 50 million Americans suffer from environmental allergies, so if you determined you […]

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