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“Sinus” Posts

One of the prime areas of focus for BreatheAmerica and our team of specialists are sinus problems and concerns with sinusitis. As part of our core mission, rhinology focuses on the nose, which includes the sinuses and nasal passages. A rhinologist has the skill and training to address sinus problems. These articles are related to treatment of the sinuses and airway problems.

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Are allergies changing your sense of taste?

Some of our patients have asked if their chronic sinusitis and allergy sniffles are to blame for their changing sense of taste. They’re onto something! Today, we’re explaining exactly how your taste buds are dulled by your constant stuffy nose. Taste is connected to smell. Sure, the taste buds are the captains of perceiving the […]

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Summer: With and Without Allergies

Many of us at BreatheAmerica experienced summers as allergy and asthma-sufferers, and since seeking treatment at our amazing clinics, we’re now able to enjoy summer with uninhibited freedom to experience the great outdoors! Here’s what we’ve learned: Summer Camp: With Allergies Summer camps, with their beautiful trees and green, gooey lakes, are a breeding ground for itchy […]

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Dr. Roland Z. Gerencer on KRQE News 13 Albuquerque

A cure for snoring?! Balloon Sinuplasty

Have we found the cure to snoring? For some, Balloon Sinuplasty offers relief but can it cure snoring? It doesn’t. It’s a common misconception. BreatheAmerica’s own Dr. Ronald Gerencer was invited to the KRQE News 13 Albuquerque studio to present a revolutionary procedure that may offer relief in addressing a number of sinus and airway […]

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Ill woman with the flu blowing her nose

Winter Worries: Allergies or Cold?

Want to take a quick quiz? You are a doctor seeing a patient who complains of coughing, runny nose, sneezing, and itchy or watery eyes. Do you diagnose cold, flu, or allergies? One billion people suffer from colds each year, and more than 50 million Americans suffer from environmental allergies, so if you determined you […]

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Propel Implant for Sinus Treatment

Say Goodbye to Chronic Pain from Sinusitis with Propel

During my career as an Otolaryngologist, I’ve seen a lot of noses. However, by the time the noses come to me, they’re usually swollen, and causing pain and breathing difficulties for my patients. Most of the time these patients are suffering from chronic sinusitis, a condition affecting one in seven Americans, and these chronic sinusitis […]

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Your First Visit

We talk a lot about “The BreatheAmerica Difference”, but if you have yet to visit one of our clinics in person, you may not know exactly what that means. So let’s assume you’re looking to finally get some relief from your bad allergies or sinus pain. Congratulations for taking the vital first step of choosing […]

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Sneezing due to allergies or the cold?

Surprising Allergy Triggers

If you suffer from fall allergies, you probably have a list of places that you know to avoid for a little while, unless you’ve made sure to bring your inhaler or allergy medicine, but what about trigger places that may not be on your list? Here are some surprising places where fall allergy triggers hide […]

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Detecting Sinus Disease

My name is Laura and I have worked as a Radiographic Technologist for BreatheAmerica for 3  1/2 years taking sinus CTs. I have now had the opportunity to cross train and perform skin tests and pulmonary function testing as well as work closely with our ENT staff. Being cross trained has allowed me to see […]

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Dr Lori Lemonnier

Welcome Lori A. Lemonnier, MD to the BreatheAmerica Family

Meet Dr. Lori Lemonnier, the most recent addition to the exceptional team of physicians at BreatheAmerica Shreveport.  Dr. Lemonnier is the Ark-La-Tex region’s only fellowship trained rhinologist, and is at the forefront of minimally invasive surgical techniques for sinus surgery.  Currently on staff at LSU Health Shreveport, she was previously a member of the faculty […]

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Little Did I Know

Terra Kuhn, ART – BreatheAmerica Albuquerque  Four years ago this summer I was frantically searching for an allergy specialist to see my son who had experienced a major allergic reaction unlike any he had previously known.  I called all over town only to find that it would be months before he could be seen.  As […]

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