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“Skin Test” Posts

Skin test can be very helpful in the diagnosis of allergies and triggers. Content in this category is related to current and advancing technology for skin testing and BreatheAmerica’s involvement in moving this important step in treatment forward.

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Keeping Patients Comfortable & Satisfied

Crystal Williams, MA – BreatheAmerica El Paso  Five months ago I was rewarded with the great opportunity to work for Breathe America El Paso. I have been well trained, taught professionalism and great work ethic. Working at BreatheAmerica has been a great learning experience for me.  I enjoy coming to work each day knowing I […]

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We Enjoy Our Patients

Cynthia Parham, MA Our patients are fantastic. We enjoy interacting with them, especially children, and love helping our patients begin to feel better again. Sometimes the little ones come in afraid and a little apprehensive, not knowing what’s about to happen. We carefully administer skin tests, allergy shots, and many other types of procedures that […]

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