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a woman coughing into a handkerchief

How To: Alleviate Spring Allergies

Any allergist will tell you: When it comes to seasonal allergies, prevention is KEY! Of course, taking medication after an attack strikes will help alleviate symptoms, but treatment is much more effective when you’ve taken those meds before the sneezing and itching begins. So, in addition to our recommendation of finding a customized, year-round solution […]

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a man holding a batch of roses

The BEST Valentine’s Flowers for Allergies

Let’s start with the good news: Roses Roses are always a safe bet, even for allergy-sufferers.    But we know that, even though roses are the classic Valentine’s gift, many people enjoy having more colorful, unique bouquets for their love. For those of you, we’ve made a list of the very best flowers to choose […]

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