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How To Tell If You Have Chronic Sinusitis

We’re in the business of getting to the root of your breathing trouble—we’ve seen everything under the sun! Here are a few warning signs that your sickness is pointing to a case of chronic sinusitis.

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Common Allergy Triggers: Tree Pollen

Many people don’t realize that their “hay fever” may actually come only from a specific kind of pollen! Among the most common hay fever offenders are many types of trees—birch, maple, elm, mulberry, pecan, oak, and even Arizona cypress to name a few. So, what can you do to make sure you’re not exposing yourself […]

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Is it a Cold or the Flu? Here’s How to Tell

Those of us who are frequently sniffly are pretty in-tune to what’s causing our mucus buildup. Has it just become more sunny outside? Probably a sinus infection. Have I been around a cat owner recently? Probably just my allergies. But when it comes to cold and flu season, it can get a little trickier to […]

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a man sneezing wearing a santa hat

5 Reasons You’re Allergic to Christmas Trees

For those of us with hay fever, it’s not always difficult to tell what’s making us sneeze—whether it be a pet, a dusty fluffing of furniture, or a bouquet of flowers that’s extra pollen-filled. The culprit for Christmas trees can, surprisingly, be a little harder to pinpoint. Type of Tree While true pine allergies are […]

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Allergy Risks for Vacationers

Getting out of the house for a vacation can be dangerous—especially for those who have severe allergies.   Allergy-sufferers and loved ones of allergy sufferers alike know how tough it is to create a life that is free of attack triggers. If you’ve got a child with a peanut allergy, you probably don’t keep many […]

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Sinus Pressure and Season Change

Unless you’ve experienced the woes of intense sinus pressure, it’s hard to understand just how debilitating it can be. From intense sinus headaches to unmanageable congestion, it can be hard to carry on with a normal day when you’re experiencing sinus pressure. The worst part? It comes around like clockwork. We’ve talked before about how […]

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a woman coughing into a handkerchief

How To: Alleviate Spring Allergies

Any allergist will tell you: When it comes to seasonal allergies, prevention is KEY! Of course, taking medication after an attack strikes will help alleviate symptoms, but treatment is much more effective when you’ve taken those meds before the sneezing and itching begins. So, in addition to our recommendation of finding a customized, year-round solution […]

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a man holding a batch of roses

The BEST Valentine’s Flowers for Allergies

Let’s start with the good news: Roses Roses are always a safe bet, even for allergy-sufferers.    But we know that, even though roses are the classic Valentine’s gift, many people enjoy having more colorful, unique bouquets for their love. For those of you, we’ve made a list of the very best flowers to choose […]

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