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The Benefits of our MiniCAT

Marvin Marchael, RT – BreatheAmerica El Paso  As a registered radiologic technologist at BreatheAmerica El Paso, I perform CT (computed tomography) scans of patient sinuses for Dr. Funkhouser and our Nurse Practitioner, Nicole Davis. At BreatheAmerica El Paso, we employ a special CT scanner that was designed specifically to image the sinuses, mastoids and temporal bones. We primarily focus on the sinuses since we deal with all sorts of allergies and infections that are often related to seasonal changes and the countless bugs and viruses that affect us all during various times of the year.

Our machine, which was manufactured by Xoran, is known as a MiniCAT. Our in-office scanner is convenient and has very quick imaging times, but the most important advantage is less radiation exposure for our patients. Most patients that have any experience being scanned in the full size scanners found in hospitals and special imaging facilities really enjoy our MiniCAT for the mere fact that it is so quick and easy. Claustrophobia is never an issue for our patients, nor is the risk of excess radiation. Having a scanner like this in our office is invaluable because it eliminates the hassle of being sent to another facility for the scan and it gives our Doctor and Nurse Practitioner immediate results while patients are still in the office, which can help confirm a diagnosis and speed up the treatment process for our patients. Our patients leave our facility knowing that they’ve received the best treatment and care available and will be well on their way to a speedy recovery.