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The Director’s Desk – Tulsa

The Director’s Desk

Sherry Moore, Executive Director – BreatheAmerica Tulsa

“WOW!”  … A small word that packs a big punch.

BreatheAmerica Tulsa is a medical clinic that consistently strives to deliver a “WOW” patient experience.  Specializing in airway diseases such as asthma, allergies, sinusitis, and COPD, treatment at BreatheAmerica can make a significant difference in a patient’s health.

As the new Executive Director for BreatheAmerica Tulsa, I am excited to see the excellent work our associates are doing, and even more so our patients’ improved health.  Hearing the model upon which the BreatheAmerica centers are based immediately captured my interest.  Where else can a person go and get all of the diagnostic testing for an airway disease completed under one roof, see an excellent physician, receive an accurate diagnosis (often during the first visit), be educated on how to manage symptoms, and leave with a bound book of instructions that ensures you don’t forget anything.

The power behind our clinic is the result of combining a great model, dedicated people working behind the scenes, and exceptional clinic associates.  The behind-the-scenes people include a terrific corporate team that handles operations, human resources, marketing, IT….the list goes on.  They ensure that when patients put their trust in us by visiting one of our centers, we have all we need to perform our jobs with excellence.  It is such a pleasure to work with professionals who are passionate about what they do.  That passion is reflected in how well they support our clinic staff.  I also see first-hand every day the diligence of the clinic associates as they serve our patients with respect and a sincere desire to see their health improve.

As the healthcare industry changes in 2014, there is one thing that can be counted on to remain the same – BreatheAmerica Tulsa will remain committed to providing our patients with a “WOW” experience!