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The Effect of Stress on Health – Bill Pillsbury

Bill Pillsbury, Executive Director – BreatheAmerica El Paso Our clinic sees and cares for individuals and families throughout El Paso and the borderland region. We have patients from all ages. Our mission is to be a significant part of improving quality of life for individuals and families. This mission is what really gives us purpose and pleasure in the work that we do. In working with patients our staff has noticed in an increasing number of people who feel run down by the effects of stress.  Many families have struggled and been effected by a variety of factors during the last several years.

Last week I went to Mayor Leeser’s “State of the City” luncheon. I was encouraged by a number of things that I learned while there. The luncheon had the highest number of people in attendance on record, more than 750 people. This indicates that more people are engaged and looking forward to the future of our great city. The unemployment rate today is almost 2% lower than this time last year.  The unemployment rate this month is 6.7%. This is the lowest rate since December of 2008. It was also announced that Prudential will be opening a new call center in east El Paso creating over 350 new jobs.

We hope patients are encouraged as we see local trends improving along with the Texas and National economies. It is our hope that as our economy improves it will bring some relief to the stress and strain that are impacting so many people’s health and quality of life.