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The Mark of a Champion

Sherry Moore, Executive Director  I love the Olympics.  The thrill of competition gets my adrenaline flowing.  This year’s winter games in Russia brought many athletes and their respective nations into the spotlight.  The United States garnered 9 gold medals and was second with 27 total medals compared to Russia’s 33.  Ice dancing, snowboarding, downhill racing, figure skating, bobsled, and many other events provided ample opportunity to witness competition of the highest caliber.  For many athletes this was their first time on an Olympic stage.  For others, it was a return to this grand stage hoping for repeated success or redemption from a previous loss.  The games provided two weeks of sheer entertainment for a competition junkie like me.

One sport that I paid particular attention to was short track speed skating, an incredibly intense competition that I have enjoyed watching in previous winter Olympics.  Short track speed skating requires stamina and an innate sense of timing.  Apolo Ohno of the United States was a great competitor during the 2002, 2006, and 2010 games, winning 8 Olympic medals.  What makes Ohno interesting is the fact that he successfully mastered his sport in spite of exercise-induced bronchospasm, a condition similar to asthma.  Ohno was first diagnosed with the condition in 2002, at the height of his sports career.  Rather than using that diagnosis as an excuse to back down from the rigors of the sport, he chose to manage his symptoms with a treatment plan provided by his physician.  A true champion, he faced this challenge head on, and is quick to say that with proper treatment his performance actually improved, helping him to reach his full potential.

Perhaps you know someone who is experiencing respiratory issues that affect their ability to participate in or enjoy sports.  The staff at BreatheAmerica Tulsa is ready to assist you or your loved one. We can provide a definitive diagnosis and personalized treatment plan that will help you breathe easier.  The mark of a true champion is the ability to overcome challenges and achieve a goal. Let us help you discover a life of feeling good again.


UPDATE: BreatheAmerica centers in Richmond, Columbus, and Tulsa have closed. Please visit our location page for information on our Albuquerque, El Paso, and Shreveport clinics.