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The Smallest Gestures Make a Difference

From the Front Lines

Wanda Fourhman, Office Manager – BreatheAmerica Richmond  

The Smallest Gestures Make a Difference  

What job is more gratifying than helping to make even the smallest difference in other people’s lives? One may think that being a receptionist could not be a gratifying position, but think again. We play a vital role on the front lines; we are the first impression whether by phone or greeting patients as they walk through our door.

I once spent 20 minutes on the phone with a patient spouting out directions as she drove to our office. She had called frustrated, lost, and late for her much needed appointment. We talked and laughed while she made a U-turn, changed lanes, and sat at multiple stop lights. When she arrived she was in much better spirits. She was incredibly thankful that I stayed on the phone with her until she pulled into the parking lot. She kept apologizing for taking up my time. I told her that her care started with her first phone call. Whether it is helping a patient with a bill, squeezing an unexpected appointment into a busy day, or just giving directions to a lost patient, we help to improve the quality of care our patients receive.

I am proud to be a part of BreatheAmerica, a company that offers unique services that sets us apart from the rest, and I welcome you to experience the BreatheAmerica values, integrity, respect, passion and excellence that we strive to create for every patient, every day.