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The Total Treatment Package

From the Front Lines

Tanda Estep, LPN – BreatheAmerica Richmond

I joined BreatheAmerica in 2013 after working in the allergy field for 15 years, and have been pleasantly surprised by the way BreatheAmerica offers the total treatment package to our patients.  This encompasses many exciting aspects that go beyond typical allergy and asthma treatment (skin tests, immunotherapy, and lung function testing). In Richmond, we have implemented a mini, low dose sinus CT machine for same day service to evaluate sinus disease or anatomical abnormalities.  We are even currently planning to offer methacholine challenges and ENT evaluations here in our centers.

I enjoy being the immunotherapy nurse at BreatheAmerica because I really get to know my patients and their histories.  I get most excited when I see asthma exacerbations or sinus infections decrease or be eliminated as a result of patients following their individualized treatment plans.   We look forward to seeing our patients, so please stop by and say hello the next time you are in the center.