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The Value of a Good Quarterback

Bill Pillsbury, Executive Director – BreatheAmerica El Paso At the college and professional level great attention and resources are devoted to finding the right quarterback. This position is crucial for the team to execute the right plays to achieve the expected results. There can be exceptional talent and great coaching but without the right person in the key position success does not come to full potential.

In health care I find the same principals in play for the successful outcome in patient wellness. So many of the airway diseases a majority of patients suffer from will be life-long. The encouraging part is that all though not fully curable, airway diseases can be very manageable. For a person to minimize the effects of allergies and respiratory conditions, the right team with the right lead specialist is essential. I have observed this with patients and also the care of my own family. Finding the specialties that are knowledgeable, genuinely care and have the key Physicians leading the team will provide exceptional results.

With the our Physician leaders, Dr. Todd Funkhouser, Dr. Erasto Cortes, and Dr. Hernando Garcia the BreatheAmerica Clinic has the privilege of seeing many lives improve. It is great to part of this team and sees so many sick people get well.