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the war on fall allergies


The War on Fall Allergies

We find ourselves here every year: suddenly surprised that we’re sneezing and sniffling because of the season change. What’s worse is that we also find ourselves tolerating the sneezing and sniffling precisely because it happens every year.

If we were to change the way we responded to fall allergies, preparing for battle instead of fighting back only after finding that the adversary has already invaded our territory, we’d likely win the war on seasonal allergies!

Step 1: Know your opponent.

Simply put, allergies are reactions to foreign substances that your body cannot tolerate. Those reactions can range from super-mild— just feeling a little off— to really severe (think anaphylaxis: debilitating hives and swelling all over).

The fall is an especially trying time because the cold and rain create perfect conditions for mold, which can sneak into our homes and create allergen pools when we least expect it!

Step 2: Put on your armor.

Know what sparks this histamine response and either arm yourself against it or avoid it altogether. The American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology did a study that proved the effectiveness of preventative medicine during times of severe seasonal irritation. Clinics across the country offer shots of the kind they’re referring to, and it’s worth investigating BreatheAmerica’s no-shot, from-home treatment option, too!

Step 3: Strategize.

If fall pollen and ragweed are your biggest problem, then you should pay attention to the National Allergy Bureau’s mold and pollen count. The pollen density tends to be higher when our air is hot, dry, and windy. if that’s the case, you may want to avoid the outdoors and enjoy a day in! For your inside strategy, you need to make sure that you keep air circulating, and that you’re using tools like a HEPA filter, which can also keep pet dander in check!

Changing air filters can also help with dust allergens, which can be as sneaky an allergen as mold! Your fall strategy can target mold by using a dehumidifier, cleaning gutters and other places where water may collect, and raking leaves away from your house.

You know what they say: the best offense is a good defense! Call BreatheAmerica so that you can be prepared for every attack, or if you’ve already been hit, so that we can get you recovered and ready for battle!