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Trim your waist and manage your asthma with these foods!

You’ve heard the buzz about superfoods, right? They’re incredibly nutrient-rich and benefit your immediate and long term health goals. But less frequently discussed are the amazing benefits superfoods can have for your asthma symptoms!

Eat, eat, eat:

Spinach, with its superfood superpowers, can especially benefit asthma sufferers because of its high concentration of magnesium, which is a deficiency often observed among people with asthma. And beyond its asthma and allergy fighting power, spinach is key to a diet for those looking to slim their waistlines because of its low calorie count balanced with its high calcium and fiber content. Eat it as a salad, cook it into recipes, or pack it into a smoothie! It has the power to detox, debloat, and empower you.

Apples, which can also be a sweet addition to your fresh smoothie, are packed with flavonoids and can heal the inflammation associated with asthma. For your new weight loss plan, you should incorporate apples both as your regular source of fiber and as the crunchy treat that tricks you into feeling more full than you actually are!

Avocado, at the top of this list, because of its high doses of glutathione which works to detoxify pollutants and support the work of other antioxidants in our bodies. You’ve probably heard praises for avocado’s role in shrinking waists— and that praise is much deserved! It boosts metabolism, can replace other ingredients that are inhibiting your weight loss efforts, and is a perfect hunger and sweet tooth suppressant.


While fruits are absolutely welcomed in waist-trimming diets and are incredibly beneficial to allergy and asthma symptoms if they’re Vitamin C-rich, be wary of fruits that are more likely to set off an allergic reaction.

The mango, for example, is a distant cousin to poison ivy and poison oak and often leaves people with rashes! Dried fruit, though seemingly healthy, often contains sulfites, which is one of the worst additives for many asthma sufferers.

Even if you don’t have a lactose-intolerance, you may want to leave dairy products out of your diet. Unless it is is raw, unpasteurized, and from grass-fed cows, you’re likely buying milk that contains high amounts of beta-casein, which your immune system will try to fight… And your immune system has more important battles to fight!

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