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a child and mother with a doctor


We Enjoy Our Patients

Cynthia Parham, MA

Our patients are fantastic. We enjoy interacting with them, especially children, and love helping our patients begin to feel better again. Sometimes the little ones come in afraid and a little apprehensive, not knowing what’s about to happen. We carefully administer skin tests, allergy shots, and many other types of procedures that our doctors may order, all while keeping our patients relaxed, comfortable, and at ease.

It’s easy to do this working alongside great coworkers in an environment where everyone has the patient’s care in mind. These things motivate all of us to come to work and do our best. It keeps us fresh, positive, and motivated. At BreatheAmerica El Paso our work is fun, challenging at times, but always rewarding. The greatest reward is knowing that when patients leave our center they feel better and know that we care about them and their quality of life.