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What is a referral and how does it apply to you?

From the Front Lines

Lisa Briscoe – Referral Specialist, BreatheAmerica Tulsa

A new patient referral is typically generated by a primary care physician for further evaluation within the scope of specialty services.  A referral is not always required by your insurance plan.  Your primary care physician will guide you in this process.  Today, a referral is more about getting the best care for services that patients need.  Once you are referred to our practice, we guarantee to schedule you with our 1st available appointment.  After your visit takes place in our office, our provider generates a letter communicating his findings, recommendations, and medications prescribed.  There may be an occasion where we will refer you to another specialist for additional evaluation.  Some of the common referrals we send out will be to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat or Gastroenterology Specialist.  We also may require that you have lab work drawn or radiology.  My role is to ensure that you continue on the recommended path without delay.  All of this is a reflection of the excellent quality of care you can expect from BreatheAmerica Tulsa.  Our goal is to provide you with the best allergy experience in Oklahoma.

If you have any questions about your referral please contact Lisa @ 918-994-5214.