a woman appearing stressed at work

How Chronic Sinusitis is Impacting Your Work Performance

At BreatheAmerica, we are no strangers to the impact chronic sinusitis makes on your day-to-day life. We’ve made our mark on this industry by providing life changing results for patients that follow our customized, gradual treatment plans (hear a first-hand account right here!). Sadly, people often don’t seek treatment until their symptoms have become completely […]

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a man and a woman sleeping next to each other

Am I Showing Signs of Sleep Apnea?

Because of our reputation for finding success with patients struggling to get a good night’s rest, we see a lot of cases of sleep apnea. We also see a lot of cases that, after one of our sleep studies, we discover to be a sleep disorder entirely different than the patient’s expected sleep apnea. Here’s […]

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woman sitting on a cliff overlooking the sea

Summer: With and Without Allergies

Many of us at BreatheAmerica experienced summers as allergy and asthma-sufferers, and since seeking treatment at our amazing clinics, we’re now able to enjoy summer with uninhibited freedom to experience the great outdoors! Here’s what we’ve learned: Summer Camp: With Allergies Summer camps, with their beautiful trees and green, gooey lakes, are a breeding ground for itchy […]

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Michael Skiera, President & CEO

From the Desk of Our CEO – Q1 Newsletter 2017

BreatheAmerica family, I Love My Job! There are several reasons why I love my job as the President & CEO of BreatheAmerica but let me share a few of them with you. As most of you know BreatheAmerica is comprised of two specific business lines.  There is our infusion business, which is called Precision Healthcare, […]

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Socialize With Us!

At BreatheAmerica, we care about your overall health, so we take every opportunity possible to interact with our patients, families of patients, prospective patients, and employees! We make it a priority to make ourselves available to you, wherever you like to get news and interesting information. That’s why you can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, […]

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a vacuum cleaning a mess

Maximize Spring Cleaning by Targeting the WORST Allergen Offenders

Do you have a spring cleaning routine? Baseboards, ceiling fans, blinds, closet and pantry organization—the works? This year, you should amp up your routine by targeting the areas of your home that you may not even know are causing your allergy and asthma symptoms. Tackle these areas first: Dust Traps You’d be surprised at all […]

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a baby waking up on a bed

How To Help Your Baby Sleep With a Stuffy Nose

Allergy and sinus infection season can be really tough on babies—especially those prone to runny noses! The season can also be hard for parents who stay up all night, either worrying that their baby can’t breathe or having to frequently get out of bed to soothe their baby’s sinus and allergy pain. If you’re one […]

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fruit and vegetables in a container

The Key to Peace of Mind AND Increased Efficiency

You’ve heard about the “meal prep” trend, and – let us tell you – it’s a trend because it WORKS! People who dedicate one day of the week to preparing meals for the rest of their week report that they’ve lost weight, saved money, increased their energy, and become more productive at work! This is […]

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air blowing through an open window

Do You Need an Air Purifier?

You’ve heard the buzz. Every time you complain about sneezing through the night or about your dog’s hair driving you crazy, you have a friend that tells you about how their air purifier  completely changed their life. We’ve been there too, and we’re here to tell you that the hype is well-deserved. While they won’t […]

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Avoiding a Valentine’s Day Disaster

It’s the most romantic day of the year! But, as all of us food allergy sufferers know, candlelit dinners can turn sour very quickly if one of your allergy triggers sneaks onto your plate. If you know what restaurant you’ll be going to, be sure to call ahead (or check the restaurant’s website) to see […]

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