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A Breakthrough Study On Cat Allergies being conducted in ABQ

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —A breakthrough study on cat allergies is being conducted in Albuquerque.

The clinic’s goal is to help those who love cats, but have allergies, to live comfortably with their pets.

“If the person is extremely sensitive then the message gets sent through the blood stream into the chest and you start having asthmatic symptoms which include cough, wheezing, shortness of breath,” said Dr. Steven Tolber, of the Allergy and Airway Treatment Center.

Tolber said many people live with allergy symptoms out of love for a pet.

“As much as we can, we try to do what we can do to try to keep people with their animals,” he said.

Tolber is studying a product which calms down allergic reactions by allowing the immune system to be more tolerant to the cat allergen. Plus the shots are far less frequent than traditional shot treatments.

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“There (are) four different injections as opposed to the usual build-up which takes 40 to 50 injections and then has to be maintained for several years,” said Tolber.

The product, called Catpad, is not yet FDA-approved, but it has been studied before. Now, more research is going on to test its safety and effectiveness.

“As we all know, once you have a cat it becomes a member of your family,” said Tolber. “Most people who have cats, even if they have symptoms, really want to keep the cat.”

Tolber is looking for people who have cat allergies to participate in the new study.  If you are interested in participating please contact our office with the details below.

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