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Our goal is that every patient leaves their first visit with a complete understanding of their symptoms and the confidence to control them. This is at the core of our philosophy, Breathe In, Breathe Out, BreatheAmerica. We are here to help ease your breathing problems and get you back to living life.

Should you visit a BreatheAmerica clinic? Should you continue living with your breathing affected by the weather? problems? Or continue fighting with a chronic, recurrent condition, despite treatment? Should you continue living with you or a loved one’s diagnosis in doubt, or with unknown triggers keeping you out of work or a child home from school? Should you continue living with a condition that affects your quality of life?

Absolutely not. Call BreatheAmerica; you’ll see the difference from your first visit.

Your First Visit

No one should be running all over town chasing down specialists, just for a little relief. You should get all of the care providers you need, and a complete treatment plan in one centralized location. This is the BreatheAmerica difference, and from the first visit, you’ll see it.

Multiple physicians (with multiple copays), you can expect a physician and their team of clinicians to walk you through a plan specifically created to control your symptoms. Each BreatheAmerica center assembles ENTs, pulmonologists, respiratory specialists and other skilled physicians to completely evaluate problems you or a loved one may be experiencing. We find the cause, not treat symptoms, and we will get you feeling better again.

Diagnosis and Treatment

A lot will happen during your first visit, but all of our centers are staffed, equipped, and managed so that your first visit makes the most of your time.

Our centers specialize in respiratory and other related allergic and breathing conditions including asthma, sinusitis, COPD, seasonal, food, drug, and insect allergies, headache, cough and more.


When allergies strike, your body is waging war against the environment. Do you know if you have an allergy? Take our self-assessment to find out.

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Asthma is a chronic inflammatory condition that is totally manageable with the right treatment plan. Check out your symptoms with our self-assessment to get a head start on your visit to BreatheAmerica.

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Sinuses become blocked, causing pain and other airway conditions. Take our assessment to see reasons why they may be blocked.

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