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Company Overview

If you’re suffering from a breathing condition, every aspect of your life is harder. You’ve seen the ads that say millions of people are suffering just like you and billions of dollars are going towards solving this problem – but why isn’t anyone getting better?

They try to give you an overnight ‘cure’ and in return you get fleeting relief for one symptom that returns as soon as the pill wears off.

We won’t promise a quick fix, because we know they don’t work.

We want to give you real, long-term solutions to your conditions. We want to bring you the healthcare you deserve, to get you back to the life you want to live – a life of feeling good again.

That’s the BreatheAmerica Difference.

Rather than market the latest pill or device to solve all your airway conditions, we promise a personalized solution to your specific airway conditions and symptoms.

You’ll see the difference, starting with your first visit to one of our healthcare centers.

At each BreatheAmerica center, you’ll find a team of physicians and nurses who will walk you through a program designed for you, focused on your conditions.

After one visit, you’ll understand the root cause of your symptoms, and leave with a personalized treatment plan. Our dedicated education staff, well-versed in the latest medical thinking, technology, and protocol, is there to help you regain control of your health.

We do all of this because we believe that everyone has a right to feel their best, and have built our patient-care model off of the simple philosophy of providing health care with integrity, respect, passion and excellence.

At BreatheAmerica, we…

Don’t wait any longer for relief or to get the help you need. Each BreatheAmerica center assembles ENTs, pulmonologists, respiratory specialists, allergists, immunologists and other skilled physicians to help evaluate the breathing problems you or a loved one may be experiencing. Contact us for the help, information, and solutions you need. We have centers in Shreveport, Louisiana (318.221.3584), Bossier City, Louisiana (318) 221-3584), and Albuquerque, New Mexico (505.883.2574).