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Steven Kaufman, MD

David Kaufman, MDAllergy & Immunology

Dr. David Kaufman is a board-certified Allergist and Immunologist with BreatheAmerica Shreveport, specializing in asthma, nasal and sinus allergies, food allergies, and atopic eczema. The BreatheAmerica Shreveport location is proud to elevate him to the position of Medical Director, as his track record for patient success and effectiveness in leadership promises to lead us to a bright future!

Dr. Kaufman received his MD from George Washington University and completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. His allergy and immunology fellowship at Louisiana State University brought him to Shreveport, and after working as an Allergy and Immunology Physician for 9 years at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Florida, he’s been back home with BreatheAmerica Shreveport since 2014.

A Fellow of both the AAAAI and the ACAAI, Dr. Kaufman has published and spoken extensively on numerous topics in the field of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in Shreveport and is actively involved in training the next generation of Allergists.

Dr. Kaufman loves spending time with his wife, Polly, son Benjamin, and daughters Caroline and Maggie. In addition to his medical work, Dr. Kaufman is the coach of his kids’ soccer team and is currently pursuing the goal of traveling to all 50 states before age 50 (46 down, 4 to go)!

Specializing in allergies and immunology has allowed Dr. Kaufman to provide treatment to a variety of patients throughout his career, helping patients both young and old enjoy improvements in quality of life over time. Driven by a passion to help people breathe easier and live their lives to the fullest, Dr. Kaufman is one of the most highly trained and skilled medical professionals in the greater Shreveport community, and we are ecstatic to have him serve as our Medical Director.