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President & CEO, Michael G. Skiera


The BreatheAmerica Healthcare Delivery Model

Why do we feel strongly about the BreatheAmerica healthcare delivery model?

It is widely known that healthcare delivery is shifting as people seek out more convenient, coordinated services in many facets of their lives. A review of some recent healthcare data finds that more than 50 percent of Americans don’t have a primary care relationship. Of the 50 percent that have a primary care practitioner, half don’t know his or her name nor have they had an appointment in the past 24 months. Our challenge, as healthcare providers, is to meet patient needs in a transparent, accessible, and simple way. If you want to better engage your customers, it is important to build designs for products and services based on what the consumer wants as well as what they need. People want convenient care, at a location they know, and from a brand they trust.

BreatheAmerica provides a solution for airway disorders that addresses exactly what people need. When a patient finds themselves struggling from an airway disorder–allergy, asthma, or sinus related issues–they want to be able to access care quickly, conveniently, from a trusted source, from a name they know and not have to go through the “healthcare vortex”. The BreatheAmerica model is designed to address these desires from patients struggling with airway disorders.

We know that patients seen at BreatheAmerica care centers feel strongly that they were able to access quality care in a timely, convenient manner. Our patients feel they were heard, that the testing protocols they received were appropriate, and that they received a straightforward plan of care from a caring provider. We also know they will return to our centers for continued treatment or follow-up care. Quite simply, our healthcare delivery model addresses their needs.

Our challenge, moving forward, is to continue to build on this convenient and trusted care model. We will continue to listen to the patients we serve and measure their behaviors. Market research is helpful and we know that data analytics tools help measure behaviors. If we want people to engage, it is important to measure regularly and adjust our strategy to find what works best. So we will continue to be transparent and accessible to the patients we serve and strive to meet their medical needs with care, compassion, know-how, and feedback.

Of course, all this cannot be achieved without the caring people who work within the BreatheAmerica centers. They are a reflection of who we are and the solutions we provide. They are the fabric of what our delivery model is built on and the quality care that we strive to provide. Our BreatheAmerica employees are our most valued assets. We thank each and every one of them for what they do in the name of BreatheAmerica. We will continue to strive to exceed the expectations of the patients we serve through them. Breathe In. Breathe Out. BreatheAmerica.

Michael G. Skiera





Michael G. Skiera
President & Chief Executive Officer