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Little Did I Know

Terra Kuhn, ART – BreatheAmerica Albuquerque  Four years ago this summer I was frantically searching for an allergy specialist to see my son who had experienced a major allergic reaction unlike any he had previously known.  I called all over town only to find that it would be months before he could be seen.  As luck would have it, I called BreatheAmerica and was met with concern and given an immediate appointment the next day.  I was so impressed with the BreatheAmerica team, the testing, and the comprehensive nature of the visit that I decided to make an appointment for myself.  Little did I know that they would eventually be calling me for a job interview.

I have recommended BreatheAmerica Albuquerque to many of my friends and family members. They all have been extremely impressed by the superior care they’ve received here.  One of the family members that I referred to BreatheAmerica had been sick since infancy.  She had been in and out of the hospital with asthma symptoms that were bordering on severe.  After assessing her asthma symptoms, medications, and monitoring her for a few weeks, the doctors decided to do a sinus CT scan here in the office using the MiniCat machine.  They found a significant sinus infection and began treatment immediately.  Today, she no longer has asthma symptoms, and has been able to eliminate almost all of her previous medications.  BreatheAmerica really does change people’s lives by helping them to breathe easier and enjoy a more satisfying quality of life.