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Sneezing due to allergies or the cold?


Surprising Allergy Triggers

If you suffer from fall allergies, you probably have a list of places that you know to avoid for a little while, unless you’ve made sure to bring your inhaler or allergy medicine, but what about trigger places that may not be on your list?

Here are some surprising places where fall allergy triggers hide out.

At your farmer’s market

Who doesn’t love lazy weekend trips to the farmer’s market! While the fruits and veggies leave the farm behind, the farm’s ragweed and pollen can come to your city and home! If you suffer from strong grass or ragweed allergies, then sampling those crisp apples may leave your throat a little scratchy. Beware of apples, peaches, pears and melons, because these fruits were shown to cause the most reaction.

At the football game

Fantastic fall weather carries a double whammy for allergy sufferers: increased pollen and ragweed from fall plants, but the cooler, damper weather is also prime for mold spores, which many people are sensitive to. Dirt and grass on sports fields carry a significant amount of spores that you could be affected while you’re out. A foam finger and your allergy meds are just what the doctor ordered.

At your neighbor’s bonfire

Not an allergen itself, smoke and dust from bonfires can be irritating to those with airway diseases, but they can also trigger an immune response making allergy sufferers more sensitive to nearby allergens.

However, we’re happy to report you don’t have to stop enjoying S’mores. If you try to stay downwind of trailing smoke and use an extra long marshmallow stick (it’s safer, anyway!) then you’re cleared to start stocking up chocolate bars and graham crackers.

In the atmosphere

Like the bonfire, this isn’t exactly an allergen, but changes in barometric pressure that come with the constantly fluctuating inter-seasonal weather can have a huge impact on allergy sufferers. Seasonal changes can cause sinus pressure, runny noses, and congestion. Just know that this discomfort is temporary and will calm down in a little while!

If you’re tired of suffering season after season from allergies, make a permanent change. BreatheAmerica’s holistic allergy care means that you can have relief from your worst allergy symptoms this fall – and every fall after that. Contact your local center today.