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Putting Patients First

My name is Holly, and I work with BreatheAmerica Shreveport as a Medical Assistant. Working with BreatheAmerica has been a wonderful experience for me. My coworkers are always willing to help and I feel a huge sense of accomplishment when a patient leaves our clinic satisfied with an understanding of their illness and treatment options.

The more time I spend at BreatheAmerica clinic I have come to realize that this more than a job. This is a career for me. The skills that I have learned in the clinic are invaluable, and they have given me the confidence to know that this is where I belong. To be part of the BreatheAmerica team is itself an accomplishment due to the fact that we provide excellent health care to our patients and have a wonderful staff.

One of the most rewarding aspects of working for BreatheAmerica is that our patients know that as a company, we put them first. Providing quality healthcare is one of the foundations of BreatheAmerica, and it makes me proud that I am part of a team that truly loves and cares for the wellbeing of each individual patient. Our well-rounded clinic only exists on patient satisfaction, and truly serving our patients is how we thrive.

I feel that our Shreveport clinic has this service down to a fine art; I love to see how a treatment plans work to improve the health and lives of our patients. I truly feel blessed to be able to be part of this team of professionals.