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Your First Visit

We talk a lot about “The BreatheAmerica Difference”, but if you have yet to visit one of our clinics in person, you may not know exactly what that means. So let’s assume you’re looking to finally get some relief from your bad allergies or sinus pain. Congratulations for taking the vital first step of choosing to improve your health! Maybe you’ve been searching the web for treatment options or physicians. Allergists, immunologists, ENT specialists, and nutritionists – all of which have separate offices and copays and often all need a general physician’s referral to even make an appointment. Luckily, you found this post, and from there you’ll start to see the BreatheAmerica difference.

What makes us different—and your best treatment option—is that we have one location for you to visit, and in one location have immediate access to all the specialists you need. On your first visit, you will be greeted by our warm and welcoming front desk staff. You will meet with a physician and their full team of clinicians to assess your condition. During your first visit, we may perform a series of tests to determine how we can best serve you. Spirometry tests and pulmonary function testing will be used to determine the presence of asthma or COPD. Allergy tests may be administered via skin prick or oral challenge, while we may utilize CT scans or nasal endoscopy to get a clear view of the sinus cavities for diagnosing asthma or sinusitis. Our centers are equipped with every diagnostic tool you might need during your initial visit or during each follow up visit. We treat the airway as one organ, and recognize the relationship between the lungs, ear, nose and throat. By treating the entire airway, we keep the disease (and your treatment!) at the center of all of our care.

Based on your test results, we design a full treatment program that will address your condition’s root causes and it’s triggers. We try to get to the root cause of your condition within your first visit, because we know that just relieving your symptoms without addressing the root cause only masks the issue. We don’t want to just relieve your symptoms, we want to cure your root causes. We also start your treatment from your first visit. Why should you wait to start feeling better?

From that first visit, we determine a long term, individualized plan to control your symptoms. After outlining your treatment plan, your care team will walk you through your plan to make sure you fully understand it, and they will answer any questions you may have. Our centers are also designed to make you as comfortable as possible during each visit, whether it’s your first visit or your tenth. You’ll get to know the dedicated staff at each of our clinics and think of them like family. With every visit to a BreatheAmerica center, you’ll be welcomed home.

When you come to one of our clinics, you won’t find any miracle pills or claims to get rid of all of your symptoms, you’ll find real people who genuinely care about your health. You’ll find an entire team of specialists in one place, all dedicated to helping you feel better, and that’s the BreatheAmerica difference. Call us at one of our centers today to book your first appointment; Albuquerque at (505) 883-2574, El Paso at (915) 584-7474, or Shreveport at (318) 221-3584.