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One Airway

The air we breathe passes through our nose and into our lungs. This relationship between the nose and lungs has been recognized for more than a century and seriously studied for the last 20 years, but many people treat allergies, sinuses, asthma and other breathing problems as unrelated.

Did you know that more than half of all asthma sufferers also have allergies? Or that more than 75% of all chronic sinus infections are triggered by allergies? Or, that allergic reactions trigger episodes of asthma and sinus infections more often than not?

The relationship between the nose, lungs, and airway is clear; the upper airway is closely linked to the lower airway, so why focus on only one part?

At BreatheAmerica we understand there is, One Airway, and focus on the entire airway to provide complete and total relief from your condition.