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Sinus Relief: Foods That Actually Help

When you’re desperately experiencing sinus pressure, you wish that you could just reach into your head and release the blockage that’s causing that intense pain. While only an effective treatment plan can work to get you long-lasting, permanent relief, there are a few tricks that can help to find some temporary relief.

When incorporated into your long-term treatment plan, these foods can actually be great helpers in providing sinus pain relief!


Especially in the form of tea, ginger is one of the top sinus pressure reducing foods in the market.  

You can painstakingly make your own tea, or buy it pre-packaged. Ginger also aids in digestion, which is an added plus!


Garlic, though pungent, can be made into tea using pre-minced garlic, hot water, lemon, and maybe honey.

For some, the pressure-relieving effect is instant! Sure, your breath may scare your co-workers away, but it’s worth it to wipe out that terrible headache.

This long list of ways to use garlic for fighting a sinus infection may even have a solution that sounds better to you.

Chili Peppers

Peppers, specifically ones with heavy traces of capsaicin (HEAT!), are useful for fighting sinusitis because of the way they can loosen mucus. In large doses, chili peppers can also be a slight pain reliever.

Want more spicy options?

Check out this list of foods that fight sinus pain!

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