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When Your Sinuses Need Urgent Care

One of the biggest lies that we combat every single day is that people with severe sinuses have to live with their symptoms.

Of course, when they come to us, these patients have been experiencing sinus infections, headaches, and miserable congestion on a regular basis for most of their lives.

They simply can’t believe that their sinus problems CAN be solved!

The intense pain you they feel when you wake up with a sinus infection CAN be treated, AND we can provide you with a treatment plan that will work towards a long-term solution.

How we treat your urgent sinus pain:

We don’t skip to the medicine that we think will ease your pain. We look for the root cause of why your sinuses aren’t draining properly.  To achieve this with speed, we use mini, low dose sinus CT scans so that our physicians can look into your sinuses and see the tissue, confirming whether or not the infection exists.

We then assign a treatment based on the extent of the infection, the location of the infection, and cause of the infection. It sounds amazing, but this is a same-day service! Our patients leave the clinic with a clear view of the end in sight.

How we treat your chronic sinus problems:

Using the information we gather from your CT scans, as well as the information you give us about your sinus history, symptoms, and prior treatments, we move forward with making you a custom treatment plan.

These treatment plans are completely individualized and, when followed, result in fewer sinus infections, better ease of breathing, and even relief from some surprising symptoms that you didn’t know were connected to your sinus problems.

One of our favorite success stories comes from our very own Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management, Tim Miller.

Tim struggled with severe seasonal allergies his whole life, sought permanent multiple times, and didn’t find success until he visited a BreatheAmerica clinic and experienced our One Airway, One Disease solution. Read his incredible testimonial here!

Next time you’re crippled with sinus pain and congestion—don’t ride it out!

Don’t just seek antibiotics from your primary care doctor! Come to the experts at BreatheAmerica, and we’ll work to bring an end to your sinus pain forever.