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a man rubbing his jaw in pain


The Surprising Link Between Jaw and Sinus Pain

Did you know that there are 26.9 million Americans diagnosed with chronic sinusitis? (Hey! Have you heard that you don’t have to put up with sinus infections any more? Learn how we can help you put an end to them here!) If you’re one of those people, you’ve probably experienced the myriad of aches and pains that come with the disease.

Of course, we’re all familiar with the throbbing headaches and nasal pressure that come with sinusitis, but have you ever been one of the unlucky victims of sinusitis jaw pain? It’s a real thing, and it can be really, really painful.

So, how does it work?

To explain, we’ll go back to the basic functions of your sinuses. Their purpose is to use mucus to trap bacteria in the air before it can enter your lungs. These sinuses are located in your cheekbones, between your eyes, and above the bridge of your nose.

Sinus infections usually cause swelling, and when that swelling becomes really severe, it can even reach to your jaw. The same phenomenon happens when your sinus infection causes tooth or ear pain!

So, if you’re checking out this blog post because you’re trying to diagnose the severe jaw pain that you’ve been experiencing, start by asking yourself if you’re experiencing any of the other symptoms of a sinus infection (this is a great list of symptoms, here!). If you’re not showing any of those signs, it’s probably time to look into TMJ or TMD solutions.

If your jaw pain IS accompanied by other sinus symptoms, then you’re in luck!

There’s a solution to the sinus infections that you regularly experience, even if you’ve come to expect that they’re just a fact of life. Our personalized, mapped-out treatment plans have guided hundreds of patients towards a life free of allergy and sinus symptoms.


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